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Financial Therapy allows busy, professional women to spend without guilt, do more of what they love and plan for the future.

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Want a Better Relationship With Your Money?

Do you constantly stress about money? Are you confused because you just don't know where it all goes?  Are you successful in every area of life, except with money?  With the right guidance and plan, you can develop the skills to establish a confident and empowered outlook on life and build a happyhealthy relationship with money.  


Financial Therapy is an integration of financial counseling, money coaching and therapeutic practices. It builds a strong financial foundation in which you have all of the knowledge, tools and methods you need to be in total control of your finances. You'll also improve how you think, feel, use and communication about money. The end goal is the perfect alignment of your goals, values, priorities and behaviors.  All so you can spend without guilt, live the lifestyle you desire and have plans in place for the future.

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How ReVision Can Help

You: In Charge

The amount of money you earn 

probably isn’t the source of your financial stress.  Reclaim power over your finances.

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Conquer Your Financial Roadblocks

Without understanding why you're emotionally triggered, it’s nearly impossible to change negative behaviors. Understand the past to create a more joyful future.

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Money Makeover 360 is a new group program that creates real results at a price that can match anyone's budget!

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