Private Financial Therapy


  • More Money – save more money faster and have more disposable income to enjoy the things you love
  • More Time – a system that allows you to organize your finances and get more done in less time
  • A Happier Home – better communication with your loved ones about money
  • Feel Great – knowing you have everything in place for today and your tomorrows
  • Better Health – bye, bye to financial stress related aches and pains, sleepless nights and worry filled days
  • A New Image – enjoy the new way those around you view your new confidence about money and be a role model for your children
  • A Healthy Relationship with Money – enjoy a positive money mindset; one where your goals, values, priorities, behaviors and spending are all in alignment

Features of The Program


You will:

  • Work directly with Laurie throughout the entire process.
  • Receive customized sessions that uniquely fit your needs.
  • Schedule your first session at your convenience.  The second session occurs one week after the first.  All other sessions occur every other week, within 6 months.
  • Enjoy the support of being able to have daily phone calls with Laurie.
  • Have lifetime access to the member-only section of this website where you will find videos, forms and other materials.
  • Give and receive support, with Lifetime access to the new Money FIERCE  Facebook page.

Schedule Your Free Discovery Session


  • Reveal of Your Money Story – discover your true relationship with money and how it was developed
  • Gain Total Financial Clarity – cut through your money haze and discover the pathway to your goals
  • Identify Values & Priorities – goal planning with one purpose; your best life
  • Discover Precision Decision Making Tools – faster and easier financial decision making, every time
  • Master Financial Methods & Techniques – have healthy financial behaviors, be action oriented, and goal-focused
  • And Many Other Achievements Along the Way – create a budget that works, learn to spending without guilt, discover how to have healthy money communication, build a new money management system, and much more…