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How ReVision Works

 While more money may not lead to more satisfaction, changing the way you use money can increase your overall contentment.  It’s about finding out what brings you happiness and then investing in those things.  During your first (free!) session, Laurie will talk with you about your goals and what brought you to ReVision.  If you don’t know the answer to either of those questions, that’s okay!  You’re on your way to finding out.  In the sessions that follow, Laurie will help you become aware of your spending and saving behaviors using tools like: 

  • Counseling on a bi-weekly  or monthly basis
  • Assessments that gauge your financial attitudes and uncovers their origins 
  • Action items to overcome mental blocks and form new habits 
  • Debt management methods that can slash happiness-sapping liabilities 
  • Goal planning to get you on track and prepared for the future 
  • Accountability that nurtures your progress and celebrates your successes.

ReVision offers a personalized approach to financial therapy because no two clients have the same challenges or experiences.   Among the areas you and Laurie may address:  

  • Basic money skills, including budgeting and expense tracking 
  • Cash, credit, and debt management 
  • Financial organization 
  • Financial priority realignment and balance 
  • Communicating effectively about money

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Do These Sound Familiar?

  • On paper, I have plenty of money. But it doesn’t feel that way.  
  • I earn a decent living, but it seems like everyone has more money than I do.
  • I know I should plan for the future, but I never actually do it.
  • Money comes in and goes right back out again. I have no idea where, though.

Now ask yourself this: Have you ever been satisfied with the amount of money you have?  Probably not. Most people, no matter how much they have, don’t feel like it’s enough to live the life they desire.   So what does that tell us?   Money (or the lack thereof) probably isn’t the obstacle you think it is.  That’s good news.  And there’s more good news: You can be dramatically happier with your life right now, with the money you have right now. That’s where ReVision comes in.

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This Isn't Your Father's Financial Planning!

ReVision owner Laurie Johnson has two decades’ worth of experience in multiple personal financial niches. Though she enjoyed them all, she recognized that the one-size-fits-all approach to personal finances most professionals have been taught simply didn’t go far enough. After delving into—and changing—the financial hang-ups that were sapping her own happiness, she created a system that empowers others to do the same.

ReVision Financial Solutions is the result.

ReVision empowers clients to soar far beyond traditional financial targets. The key is a personalized, comprehensive program that balances education, tools, and skill-building with each client’s needs and beliefs.​

Laurie’s mission is to heal and revitalize the whole person—not just their checkbook. ReVision’s holistic financial therapy helps clients overcome the economic and emotional hurdles that have kept them from living a full, happy life.

Because financial attitudes are shaped by life experiences, Laurie helps clients pinpoint the “why” behind their views. Under her guidance, clients are then able to identify what they need to be happy. (Hint: It usually has nothing to do with a dollar amount). This unique approach allows people to shrug off society’s “more is better” mantra and finally focus on what they really want.

Imagine how your life would be different if you could change your relationship with money for the better. Would your time with loved ones be less stressful and more joyful? Would your anxiety about the future dissolve? Would you stop arguing with your partner about money? All of those things—and many more—are what drive Laurie’s purpose and process every day.  And ReVision Financial Solutions is her vehicle.

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